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Who Can Join

The Collaborative welcomes philanthropic organizations who are interested in learning about and/or investing in postsecondary education in the Los Angeles region, as outlined in the purpose and vision.

Priority Learning and Action Focus Areas

The Collaborative’s current Priority Learning and Action Focus Areas are:

  • Access & Re-Engagement — Supporting students to understand the range of postsecondary options available to them and pursue postsecondary education;
  • Postsecondary Success — Supporting students to complete degrees or certificates that lead to economic mobility and positive career pathways; and
  • Institutional and Systems Change — Supporting postsecondary institutions and systems to remove barriers and promote policies that facilitate equitable access and success.

Membership Benefits

Shared Learning

Collaborative members come together throughout the year to engage in shared learning on topics of interest related to postsecondary education, specifically in the Los Angeles region.

Shared Funding

As a learning and action community, the Collaborative supports the piloting, scaling, and sustaining of innovative programs and policies. The Collaborative leverages the resources and knowledge of its members to create meaningful systemic change and drive equity outcomes that are beyond the capacity of any individual foundation through aligned and pooled funding.


The Collaborative provides the space and tools to network with other foundations who are interested in learning about and/or investing in the Los Angeles region related to postsecondary education. Collaborative members regularly share resources, information around events, initiatives, and funding opportunities.

Membership fees are based on a sliding scale. Please contact with new member inquiries and questions about the Collaborative.

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